Yelp 5 Star Review

Patrick B.

After the "great closet calamity of Summer 2018" (the traditional white wire shelving unexpectedly collapsed in my walk-in closet), I wrestled with the idea of replacing what was there or customizing the closet. I decided to go the custom design route. I did my research and gathered several estimates. Ultimately, I went with Closets by Design of Atlanta (CBD). From the consultation through to the installation, it was a pleasant experience. Upon making the appointment, I expressed upfront the consultant should know I was not going to make a decision "on the spot", as I was gathering information and speaking to several vendors. By the time CBD came, I was at the end of gathering estimates. CBD was the last estimate. When the consultant came, we had a good conversation about what I wanted/needed. From there she began designing an idea. (By the way, the previous consultants used tablet/laptop software to come up with incredible designs, each I liked. It was impressive to see 3-D ideas after several minutes!) I was pleasantly surprised to see Monica was "old school" and used pencil, ruler and graphing paper to draw her design. While not in 3-D, it was another good design for consideration. Monica did a great job of explaining about the company, its workmanship and quality of product. (That's not to say the others didn't.) After walking through the design layout in the closet and discussing options, colors, etc., I realized I liked her design. Since CBD was the last of my estimates, I realized I "was" ready to make a decision on the spot. In the end, it was the design, the price point and most importantly the quick availability to get the work done, that helped me make my decision to go with CBD. The day of installation was equally as pleasant. The workmen arrived 30 minutes before the arrival time frame that was given. After a review of the design to make sure they had the right plans for the closet, they began work. Two hours later, I had my new closet! It was finally a true "walk-in" closet. The transformation from paper to reality was on point. I am thrilled with the new closet. I finally have space for all my hanging clothes, sweaters and shoes. I no longer feel claustrophobic (or make that "closet-trophobic") when walking into the closet. I'm very pleased with the finished product, the service I received and with my design consultant. Thank you, Closets by Design.